Two types of product: Accort Track and Accort Ultra

In order to propose a product that can fit every need, we have split our rubber tracks into 2 differents ranges: Accort Track and Accort Ultra.

Accort Track is the perfect compromise between price and quality of conception. These are rubber-reinforced tracks for a longer lifetime, and a better resistance than most of the tracks sold nowadays. Built in a continuous steel band, Accort Trackrubber tracks constitute a solid alternative for every mini-dumper / mini-excavator owner.

Accort created the Ultra range to satisfy the most demanding of their customers. We have condensed our knowledge to provide our customers a high-quality product, among the most reliable and robust in the sector, thanks to:

  • Ultra-resistant studs
  • Reinforcements to widen the track for a much longer lifetime
  • Optimized grip developed by our engineers team.